missing KaLen…

Ate Karen and hopeI missed the times…

…when we sleep late talking about boys, shoes, clothes and “tsismis”.

…when we go out at midnight to grab some junkies and drinks at the nearest convenience store.

…when you always scold me for being ‘stupid’ when it comes to love. You always say, I have a low E.Q. Just like Kulit.

…when we quarrel Ate Sha and not make tagad to her. lol.

…looking at you cuddling Kulit eventhough she has not taken a bath for a week. That was gross! 😉

…when we watched DVDs or downloaded movies on your laptop.

…when you let me borrow your stuff like bags, accessories etc. and dressing me up for an occasion.
…laughing with you when you have your late night fashion shows in our room and giving you my “oh so cool” fashion opinions.

…when you brought us beer, vodka or anything alcohol in the house. Haha! Hank and I liked it and also my friends. 😀

Oh hell! I just missed you Ate K. We all missed you in the house. Visit us if you have time. And thank you for inviting us at White Sands last Friday. And belated Happy Birthday.

Ate Karen, Ate Sharon and Hope

P.S. Hank missed the drinking sessions every sunday. Haha!

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~ by Hope on September 24, 2006.

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