goodbye november. hello december.

Yesterday Kat forwarded me a text message saying that…

I will miss you guys!
Next year na sad ta magkita. Hangtod karon nalang ko.
Mubiya nako ninyo.
by: November.

After reading it, i was shocked and do not know how to react. lol. The message was really funny.. I almost fell for it. I thought Kat is resigning or got terminated or something like that. Hehehe. It was just ‘November’ saying goodbye, as we all know yesterday was Nov. 30.

First day of December. My cousin Maita’s birthday. Too bad she is in Alcoy. But I guess there was no celebration and all. Did not received any invitation. Hehehe. 😀

The air tonight is cold. And seeing the christmas lights from the neighborhood reminded me that it is almost Christmas. Never realized that its near not until today. Then I recalled how many gifts do I have to buy…Oh my! This month is gonna be hard on my pocket. Hehehe. Now my problem is what to buy for my family and my godchildren. Hmmm.

Got to go now, need to make my christmas list. 🙂


~ by Hope on December 1, 2006.

3 Responses to “goodbye november. hello december.”

  1. >>>waa.. ako food nailad ko ni kat sa iya txt… ug.. dyun sabat ni lippee.. na duh!?@#$%@ krn pka ana? ug.. nihilom nlng ko.. wa nko nipalag… pailob nlng ang manghod…para way gubot….. :C hehehe

  2. well i almost fell for it too. and i had the same thoughts as you did hope. i guess it’s not a matter of being familiar with the joke. we’re all walking on glass anyway, so you can’t really blame people if they start thinking of other “options” 🙂

  3. you’re totally correct there friend! we’re like walking on a very thin ice…

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